Facts to Know Before You Hire International Movers Malaysia

International Movers Malaysia

Hiring international movers Malaysia is not as easy or simple as choosing the first company you find or the one that gives you the cheapest quote for their service. The international mover you will hire is going to take charge of all your belongings until they get delivered to the destination port if this is your chosen service or straight to your new house to the new country. It is crucial to hire and choose the right international mover so your personal items will be handled and dealt with the most utmost care they deserve. Below are some a few things you should know before hiring an international mover.

International Movers Malaysia

Check the Services Offered

Ask about the specific types of services that the mover provides. Is it door to port or door to door? When you speak of door to door service, it means that the international mover will pick up your belongings at your old home, load them to a container, transport the belongings overseas, clear customs, then deliver your items to your new home.

On the other hand, door to port service means the mover will pick your belongings up at your house, load them to the container, transport them overseas, and you will be in charge of clearing customs and arranging to pick up your belongings at a terminal warehouse then deliver these to your new house.

Do they offer packing services? If this is an additional cost, how much will it be? If the international movers Malaysia will pack for you, will the price include labor and materials? There companies that will tell you that the packing services are already part of the cost but they will charge you for packing materials, with the price relatively high. Can you just choose to pack yourself? Does the company offer insurance? In general, this cover is offered through third parties.

Look into Insurance Coverage of International Movers Malaysia

It is important to remember that international movers are not your insurance companies. You have to know what type of insurance coverage is available. When you pack your items yourself, you can insure the shipment yet the coverage will only be for total loss and not damages. Insurance companies will insure the shipment for damages only when it is professionally packed. How much is the insurance? Door to port or door to door insurance is always an added cost. International shipping doesn’t have a basic coverage. Is there insurance paperwork you have to fill out? If there is none, you will not get door to port or door to door coverage. Do they offer storage in case you need one?

Inspect the License

Check out the international mover you plan to hire. Do they have the necessary license for shipping your items overseas? If they do, they can legally ship your belongings. If they don’t, or if they tell you that they are just using a licensed company and the other company doesn’t operate legally, you will not have any recourse if an issue occurs. Look into the length of time the international movers Malaysia have been in business and check their track record.